Calculate the sun's path for every location on earth.

View where the sun will be on every day with the georgeous AR view.

All times for the golden hour, sunset and -rise, and civil, nautical and astronomical twilight.

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What our users say

I’ve needed access to detailed sunset and sunrise information - this app performs that job perfectly and accurately. It’s also got the cleanest UI of any of these apps I’ve seen.

Ideal für Fotografen. Der Sonnenstand wird in einer übersichtlichen Grafik dargestellt- sehr praktisch, um den richtigen Zeitpunkt oder Standort festzustellen.



The unique map view shows the sun's current position (in white), the direction of the sun at sunset and sunrise, as well as an estimate of lighting conditions for every hour of the day.

AR View

With the Helioseek's AR View, you can quickly and easily see where the sun will stand in the sky, at any moment of time. This helps you to plan photos, videos, or find your perfect new camping spot.

Golden Hour Calculations

Quickly view all the necessary times for your photography, including sunset and sunrise, the golden hour, as well as the times for civil, nautical, and astronomical dawn.


With the Today Widget, you can see at a glance the most important times for any destination you like.

Change the date

You can easily change the date for all calculations to plan for the future - e.g., to see how much sun your new balcony might get in the winter.

Save the Path

You can save a picture from the AR View with the sun's path overlaid, allowing you to plan shots and video even better.


What are these times?

Golden Hour

The Golden Hour takes place shortly after sunrise or before sunset, when the sun is below around 12° of elevation. Shadows are longer, and the light has a warmer and softer quality, which is great for many kinds of photos.

Sunset & Sunrise

You've probably have seen this. Defined as the moment when the sun drops below the horizon or begins to rise above, this might be the most important time Helioseek can calculate for you.

Civil Twilight

At the start of the "blue hour", Civil Dusk/Dawn begins after sunset or before sunrise. The Sun is at an elevation of about 6° below the horizon. During this time, there is enough light to see most objects.

Nautical Twilight

Nautical Dusk/Dawn means there is enough illumination for sailors to distinguish the horizon at sea, but the sky is too dark to perform most outdoor activities.

Astronomical Twilight

Astronomical dawn takes place when the sun is above 18° below the horizon. The sky is no longer completely dark.


How can I change the location for the widget?

To set a location for the widget, use the map view. Navigate to any point, and press the heart button on the bottom right. This will drop a pin on the map, and the widget will use this place for its calculations from now on.

Will you add feature x?

We might. Tell us your ideas with the contact form inside the app or via mail, and we will see if we can help you.

Are there caveats for the AR view?

Helioseek's AR view has been tested throuroughly on many devices and it does a great job. We noticed issues with some iPhone cases, which have a built-in magnet - these can infer with the iPhone's sensors, limiting or hindering the AR view. If you have problems with the AR view, try removing your case. Should your problems persist, please drop us a hint to helioseekapp@gmail.com. We are happy to help you!

We also recommend a fairly recent iOS device. While Helioseek does run fine on an iPhone 6, the AR view is noticeably more performant from iPhone 6S onward.

Privacy Policy

We value your privacy. We do not collect your data, with two simple exceptions:

  1. If you write us a mail to our mail adress or via the built-in feedback form, we will use your e-mail-adress and the contents of your mail to answer your request. We won't use this data for anything else.
  2. If you opt in, Apple might collect anonymized information e.g. about how often you start our App and potential crashes. We can't trace this information back to individual users.


If you have any questions, problems, or want to give us feedback, you can reach us at helioseekapp@gmail.com. We are happy to help you!